RL acoustic board



RL Acoustic Board is a high density acoustic board designed to provide additional mass within Rooflogic Ultratherm MSR and Ultratherm Xtreme roof systems thereby enhancing acoustic performance.  RL Acoustic Board consists of a waterproof high performance fibreglass facer and treated water-resistant gypsum core.


  • Acoustic testing has established that RL Acoustic Board provides significant acoustic enhancement when incorporated within a Rooflogic assembly.

  • High strength fibreglass facer makes the board resistant to damage whilst still being easy to cut and install.

  • Product will remain dimensionally stable and is not affected by exposure to moisture.  



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RL acoustic baffles


RL Acoustic Baffle is a 100% polyester acoustic insulation that is used in a range of perforated liner/base deck profiles to provide internal acoustic absorption as part of the complete Rooflogic system assembly.  RL Acoustic Baffles are used in a wide range of Rooflogic systems including Rooflogic Ultratherm MSR, Rooflogic Fibertherm MSR and Rooflogic Ultratherm Xtreme.


  • Highly durable product that will maintain loft and performance over the life of the roof system.

  • Provides a range of NRC performance ratings dependent on the specific perforated liner deck and Acoustic Baffle dimension that is selected.  RL Acoustic Baffle is manufactured to fit the specified perforated liner profile.

  • Clean, simple and efficient to install.  All installation is carried out above the liner deck to maximise programme/cost advantages

  • Non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-irritant and not affected by moisture.

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