design for education 

Designed to meet the specific requirements of New Zealand schools and learning institutions.

School construction presents unique design challenges.


One critical part of good school design is ensuring that the roof assembly meets a range of very specific performance requirements.

The Rooflogic Ultratherm MSR system has been designed with the performance requirements of schools in mind, with a focus on thermal performance, weather-tightness, internal moisture management and acoustics.

Below we have outlined the key performance benefits that the Rooflogic Ultratherm MSR system will provide.


 project profiles

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Here's a collection of completed projects  dsjvnsdkjnvksdnvjgskj


eliminating condensation, mould and corrosion


Because occupancy levels are concentrated, school environments present unique challenges in terms of managing internal condensation.
Having been involved in numerous school inspections throughout New Zealand it has become clear to Rooflogic that traditional roof systems do not perform well in school environments in respect to managing condensation risk.
Traditional roof systems are generally constructed with poor performing and discontinuous insulation layers that result in aggravated thermal bridging.
Also, critically, traditional roof systems are not designed to control vapour drive. In simple terms this means that moisture laden internal air can travel through the roof assembly causing the dew point to occur within the layers of the roof assembly (e.g. building wraps, insulation) which will become increasingly moisture laden over time. This results in reduced thermal performance over time along with mould growth and corrosion risk.


Rooflogic undertake detailed thermal and hygrothermal analysis on all school projects to establish that the specified systems will manage condensation risk, mould risk and corrosion risk.

acoustic performance


thermal performance


weather tightness

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