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Joe Lstiburek

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Dr. Joseph (Joe) Lstiburek, B.A.Sc, M.Eng, PhD, P.Eng is a principal of Building Science Corporation and an Adjunct Professor of Building Science at the University of Toronto. Joe is a noted authority on energy efficient construction techniques and heads one of the Building America programme teams for the U.S. Department of Energy and is a former Director of Research of the Housing and Urban development Association of Canada. Widely credited with the “Perfect Wall” concept, The Wall Street Journal referred to Dr. Lstiburek as “The Dean of North American Building Science.” As a building scientist Joe is recognised internationally as an expert in moisture related building issues, building failure forensics, thermal performance and air/vapour control. Fast Company Magazine called him, “the Sherlock Holmes of Constuction.” An engaging and entertaining communicator with a wealth of industry experience, Joe will provide some invaluable insights for all those involved in the design, construction and long-term sustainability of the built environment.” 

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