RL pir board


RL PIR Board is used to provide a continuous layer of thermal insulation within Rooflogic Ultratherm MSR metal skin) and Rooflogic Ultratherm Xtreme (membrane skin) systems.


  • High levels of thermal performance relative to thickness due to low llambda value.  Wide range of thicknesses available depending on thermal requirements (R2.13 to R5.2.)

  • RL PIR Board is installed as a continuous layer outside the building structure.  This eliminates thermal breaks and manages assists in managing condensation risk.

  • RL PIR Board is supplied with a tongue and groove joint which eliminates thermal breaks that occur with square edged PIR boards.

  • Tested by BRANZ for fire performance.  Rooflogic roof systems utilising RL PIR Board as the insulating core achieve a Group 1-S rating.

  • High compressive strength.  RL PIR Board has compressive strength of 250kPa.  This compares to a compressive strength of approx. 135kPa which is the norm for other PIR product sold in New Zealand.  This provides a significant performance benefit when membrane finishes are installed directly to PIR without the use of a high-density roof board.

  • Range of PIR board facers available depending on end use.


RL stone wool


RL Stone Wool is a high density insulation slab used in Rooflogic Ultratherm MSR (metal skin) and Rooflogic Xtreme (membrane skin) roof assemblies.  RL Stone Wool is a natural product manufactured from volcanic rock and remains dimensionally and thermally stable over time.


  • RL Stone Wool is non-combustible with melting point in excess of 1000C.

  • RL stone Wool has excellent acoustic properties and can significantly enhance acoustic performance of a roof system in respect to STC rating and rain noise attenuation.

  • RL Stone Wool provides long term durability and stability.  It is odourless, rot-proof, non-hygroscopic, will not encourage mould growth and is water-resistant (maximum water absorption 0.004%.)

  • RL Stone Wool is vapour permeable allowing the passage of air through the material.

Rl stonewool data sheet

RL  fibertherm system insulation


RL Fibertherm System insulation is a premium quality glass fibre insulation used in Rooflogic Fibertherm MSR roof systems. RL Fibertherm System insulation is non- combustible, non-hygroscopic, chemical free and manufactured from recycled glass. RL Fibertherm System insulation is appraised by BRANZ to establish that it satisfies all applicable clauses of the New Zealand Building Code.


  • High levels of thermal performance when used as part of the Rooflogic Fibertherm system.

  • Provides excellent acoustic performance in respect to rain noise and STC.

  • Efficient and contractor friendly to install.  Large rolls with low dust, low itch formulation

  • Retains excellent loft for the life of the installation.