Metal Decks


RL liner deck


RL Liner Deck is used in our Ultratherm MSR and Fibertherm MSR Roof Systems.  Standard liner deck in a range of gauge thickness and finish options depending on specific project requirements.


  • RL Liner Deck is the first system component to be installed and provides a trafficable substrate that also protects the building interior from weather.

  • RL Liner Deck forms the basis for the correct installation and detailing of a vapour control layer which is critical to the hygrothermal integrity of our roof systems.  In our Fibertherm MSR systems the liner deck itself can be detailed as the vapour control layer.  In our Ultratherm MSR systems the liner deck provides the substrate for installation of our high performance vapour control layer.

  • RL Liner Deck can be installed in a range of colour finishes where it is to be left exposed internally.

  • RL Liner Deck can be supplied perforated.  Perforated liner deck, in conjunction with Rooflogic’s acoustic baffles or blankets is an efficient way to achieve the NRC requirements on a project.

  • RL Liner Deck can be supplied with either a steel or aluminium base metal depending on the internal environment of the building.




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RL base deck


RL Base Deck is most commonly used in our Ultratherm Xtreme systems and provides a structural base for the installation of Rooflogic’s high performance insulated membrane roof systems.


  • Efficient and cost-effective substrate for installation of built-up membrane roof systems.

  • RL Base Deck has been tested in New Zealand for point load resistance, wind uplift resistance and fastener pull-out resistance.

  • Detailed engineering calculations available from Rooflogic to ensure that systems incorporating RL Base deck meet all design wind load requirements for your project.

  • RL Base Deck can be used to provide a substrate for membrane roofs and gutters (removes need to form internal gutters from plywood.)

  • Standard finish is Zincalume but can also be supplied with a pre-coloured internal face where the deck is to be left exposed.


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RL speciality decks


Rooflogic have a range of specialty decking options available that are designed to meet specific project requirements.  Specialty decking options include:

  • Perforated Deck options that will provide a range of NRC ratings.

  • Deep Section structural deck options that provide increased span potential between structural supports.

  • Tray Section Liners (solid and perforated) that provide increased span potential, acoustic performance and an improved interior aesthetic.

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