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RL roof  board (hd)


RL Roof Board HD is a high performance roof board that is used under Rooflogic roof membranes to enhance the durability of the Rooflogic Ultratherm Xtreme system.  RL Roof Board is commonly installed as a cover board over RL PIR Board to increase system compressive strength.


  • Impact Resistance.  RL Roof Board HD increases the impact resistance of a membrane roof assembly.  RL Roof Board has a compressive strength 90 times that of PIR Board (12.4Mpa verses PIR Board at 135kPa.) Including RL Roof Board in a roof assembly protects the PIR insulation layer and membrane from the range of loads that a roof will be exposed to over its life.

  • Wind uplift performance.  RL Roof Board HD is completely homogenous in design eliminating the risk of facer delamination that can occur with PIR Board.  In adhered membrane systems the membrane is adhered to the mass of the board, not just the facer layer.

  • Acoustic Performance.  Including a layer of RL Roof Board HD within a Rooflogic membrane roof assembly will enhance system acoustic performance (Based on acoustic testing carried out by Rooflogic.)




RL roof board  (lw)


RL Roof Board LW is a light weight roof board designed to enhance the durability of Rooflogic membrane roof systems whilst adding the minimum amount of weight.

RL Roof Board LW is manufactured from a high density PIR core contained within a coated glass facer.


  • Increased trafficability and performance with minimal additional weight.

  • Ideal for roof overlay projects where an existing roof structure may have both weight and height limitations.

  • Can be adhered or mechanically attached.

  • Easy to transport, cut and install on site increasing productivity.

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