Graham Tennent 

Graham has been involved in the construction industry for the last 25 years, much of that time as a roofing contractor.  Rooflogic was born out of a passion for the roofing industry and a desire to see New Zealand “build better, starting with the right roof.”


Graham says, “it has been an exciting few years as designers and building owners throughout New Zealand have come to see the benefits that a well designed roof can offer.  Better thermal performance and condensation management, new levels of acoustic performance and the right component selection to ensure exceptional durability.”


Graham would love the opportunity to work with you on your next roofing project.

Dallas Ell
Commercial Projects

Dallas has spent a life time in sales in a range of businesses connected with the construction industry in New Zealand.  Dallas brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Rooflogic team and enjoys the opportunity of promoting commercial roof systems to the architectural community.  Dallas gets excited about seeing Rooflogic projects go from conception to construction. 


“What I really love,” says Dallas, “is visiting a completed project with the designer I have worked with and standing under the Rooflogic roof – it feels different, it sounds different, it looks different and the feedback we get from the designer and their clients really makes the process worthwhile.

Josh Beyer 
Sales Manager

Josh has an intimate knowledge of all Rooflogic systems.  If you need to understand in detail how and why we build our roofs the way we do, Josh is your best point of contact.  Josh is equally at home in an architects office, in Rooflogic’s training facility or working along side one of our contractors on site, tool belt to the ready.  A qualified builder by trade he is well known for turning up to our architectural presentations with built samples of our roof assemblies or complex details.  The feedback we have from architects is that discussions centred around Josh’s famous samples are valuable and informative.


Josh and Dr Dave work in close collaboration when it comes to system design and development and the innovation they are bringing to the market is continuing to change the way we construct roofs in New Zealand.

Stuart Hulse
Sales and Technical Consultant - Northern

Stu has spent over 30 years in a range of management and sales positions in the retail sector.  Stu is passionate about communicating the benefits that Rooflogic systems offer and is excited about working for a company that is focused on providing the best possible roofing and cladding solutions.  In his role as Northern Area Sales and Customer Services Consultant Stu is excited about the opportunity to build strong relationships with consultants and contractors within the construction industry as he continues to communicate the performance benefits that only a Rooflogic system can provide.

Ben Swiney
Sales and Technical Consultant - Central
027 558 1899

After 5 years working in a competitive sales environment, Ben joined the Rooflogic team in early 2018 as the dispatch and logistics co-ordinator. From there he developed a broad knowledge of our product range and understanding of our system benefits.

Ben's natural affinity for working with people in a personable and approachable manner saw him move roles in 2019 to become a member of the Rooflogic sales team. He enjoys the process of collaborating with his clients, be it architects or roofing contractors to find the right solution for the job.

Phil Smythe
Sales and Technical Consultant - South Island

Covering the South Island and based in Christchurch, Phil is Rooflogic’s Southern Area Technical Sales Consultant.  Phil has an intimate knowledge of all Rooflogic systems and is able to provide high level technical support to both specifiers and installers.

Prior to joining the Rooflogic team Phil was a project manager for one of the South Islands largest commercial roofing companies.  In that role, Phil has been involved in many significant and complex commercial roof and cladding installations, including some of the largest Rooflogic installations in New Zealand.  Two memorable Rooflogic installations that Phil has project managed are the Christchurch Convention Centre and the Shirley Boys/Avonside Girls Secondary School campus.

Having been involved in the industry for 30 years, Phil’s methodical approach, attention to detail and ability to find solutions make him a key member of the Rooflogic team and a valuable resource for any specifier or roofing contractor.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Phil to discuss your upcoming projects.

Darren Johnson
Quality Assurance

No two days are ever the same for Darren.  He spends a significant amount of his time working with our customers responding to technical installation queries and can often be found on site going through the details.  Our clients also connect with Darren in his capacity as an educator and trainer of Rooflogic systems.  The other part of Darren’s role involves the testing of Rooflogic systems – anything from wind uplift to diaphragm testing, to weather-tightness and acoustics – whatever we need to know to ensure our systems provide the highest levels of performance.

Chris Watson
Operations Manager

Chris has been involved in all aspects of logistics and freight management over the last 20 years.  Chris utilises his thorough industry knowledge to effectively manage the supply chain to ensure that Rooflogic are in the best possible position to provide their customers with the wide range or roofing components required to build better roofs.

Rory Eason
Dispatch Manager

Rory is responsible for co-ordinating the day to day dispatch and delivery of Rooflogic products throughout New Zealand.  As the first point of contact for Rooflogic customers, Rory along with his team, work tirelessly to get high performance roofing products from the Far North to the Deep South and everywhere in between.

Peter Tooley
027 447 7944

Peter has joined the Rooflogic team and has a vast background in customer service. Pete is responsible for running the warehouse operation and ensuring that orders and stock are picked and packed accurately. Pete brings his lively and enthusiastic attitude into the team environment and most importantly Rooflogics clients.

Leigh Tennent
Finance Manager

A qualified accountant, Leigh is responsible for the financial management functions of Rooflogic.

Sophia Martin
Technical Support

Sophia is one of the longest serving members of the Rooflogic team.  During her university studies, Sophia decided the best summer job you could have would involve fresh air and sunshine.  That led her to join New Zealand’s largest membrane roofing company as the one female on the crew.  She developed an unlikely interest in the complexities and nuances of commercial roofing, in particular the Rooflogic systems she was helping to install.  To the delight of the rest of the team at Rooflogic, Sophia agreed to join the company when she completed her industrial design degree. With an eye for detail and design, sharp intellect and “can do” attitude she has become an invaluable member of the team. 


Sophia has developed a broad knowledge of Rooflogic products, systems and solutions and provides important sales and technical support within the company.

Dr Dave, CMEngNZ, CPEng, IntPE, PhD
Technical Director  


As a chartered professional engineer Dave provides structural design solutions for our Rooflogic roof systems along with detailed project specific analysis of our systems in respect to thermal and hygrothermal performance.  Drawing on significant past experience with the design, engineering and development of new products for the construction industry, Dave also leads Rooflogic’s product development and product testing programmes.

With a wealth of industry experience Dave provides invaluable technical and engineering support to our sales team and our clients.