Ultratherm xtreme


weltec school of construction


design group stapleton elliot


december 2013


petone, wellington

WELTEC school of construction

Project Description

Design of a new trade training facility that incorporated both the Rooflogic insulated metal and membrane roof solutions.  The insulated metal system was installed above the office and lecture room zone and formed a visual connection with the cladding system that was also supplied by Rooflogic.  The larger membrane roof was installed above the main training area with a membrane finish selected to reduce rain noise.


Rooflogic’s Ultratherm Xtreme system was specified for the membrane roof areas:-

  • RL Base Deck (structural steel base deck, coloured exposed.)

  • RL Vapour Control Layer.

  • RL PIR Board.

  • Fibertite membrane.

SYSTEM benefits

  • Pre-finished internally, no requirement for ceilings.

  • Thermal and hygrothermal performance.

  • Integrated day-lighting solution.

  • Long term durability in exposed coastal environment.

  • Rapid close in.

  • Reduction in power usage.

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