Ultratherm msr


westland recreation centre


Boon, Goldsmith, Bhaskar, Brebner  




december 2015


Project Description

Serving Greymouth and the wider region a new multi-use sports stadium with linked conference rooms and administrative facilities is the latest addition to the Westland Recreation Centre Sports Hub.

Rooflogic worked closely with the project architects to specify a high performance roof system that was to remain visible internally.  The roof system needed to provide high levels of thermal performance whilst being durable enough to cope with the sometimes challenging local environment.


Rooflogic proposed the installation of the Ultratherm MSR roof system.  The roof was specified with a pre-coloured liner as it was to be left exposed internally.  With an exposed internal liner it was important that the system was designed to manage interstitial condensation and eliminate thermal bridging at the exposed purlin lines.

The system incorporated:

  • RL Liner Deck (coloured “Off White.”)

  • RL Vapour Control Layer.

  • RL PIR Board (80mm.)

  • RL Topdek T.

The client briefly considered the use of a composite insulated panel but because of the length of the roof (around 25 metres ridge to gutter) this was seen as a potential weather-tightness risk.  The composite panels would have had to be supplied in relatively short lengths and butted/sealed together on the roof.  In contrast, the Rooflogic system enabled the roof to be installed as a single sheet 25 metres in length.

system benefits

  • Extreme weather-tightness.  Continuous roofing sheets from ridge to gutter.

  • Excellent thermal/hygrothermal performance.

  • Attractive internal finish that is also resistant to damage.

  • Engineered for structural performance