Peke Waihanga – Artificial Limb Service

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Ultratherm Xtreme
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This critical health care facility was experiencing increasing weathertightness issues with their existing trough section metal roof and the existing original membrane gutters. After a number of years “chasing leaks” with ad hoc repairs the decision was made to install a fully engineered RoofLogic overlay system with Fibertite membrane. RoofLogic fully engineered the solution and provide their full detailing service. RoofLogic’s engineer provided all design calculations, a PS1 for design and a PS4 based on the detailed site observations that were carried out. The end result is a high performance membrane roof overlay that will provide absolute operational security for decades to come – and no more chasing leaks.


RL Vapour Control Layer
High Density EPS Flute Fillers to match existing roof profile
High Density EPS tapered polystyrene-RL Roof Board LW
FiberTite membrane
RL Fastflow Scupper outlets fabricated from Fiberclad Aluminium.