Boulcott Suites

Related Systems: Ultratherm Xtreme
Architect: Archaus Architects
Project Date: February 2015
Location: Boulcott Street, Wellington

New apartment development including multiple deck and podium areas and main roof.  The roof area needed to provide a high level of thermal performance and the roof/deck systems needed to be installed over a range of substrates. 


RoofLogic system for main roof areas:

  • RL Base Deck (structural steel base deck.)
  • RL vapour Control Layer.
  • RL PIR Board (80mm.)
  • RL Roof Board HD.
  • Fibertite Membrane.
SYSTEM benefits
  • Verified thermal, hygrothermal and acoustic performance.
  • Fully engineered to establish structural performance.
  • Extreme durability of Fibertite membrane in high traffic areas.
  • Speed of close-in.