City Fitness

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Ultratherm Xtreme
Project Date: August 2021
Location: Lower Hutt

The warehouse building that accommodates City Fitness in Lower Hutt underwent a recovery process with the installation of an Ultratherm Xtreme FiberTite Recover roof.

The City Fitness building in Lower Hutt, Wellington, originally had a DD400 metal roof profile. It was a common practice to install this profile at a roof pitch lower than the currently accepted 3 degrees. The pitch below 3 degrees poses a risk, as any foot traffic on the roof leads to dish formation in the roof pan and damage to the sheet joins between the purlins, resulting in leaks across the roof.

In addition to the pitch-related issues, the aging roof penetrations, tray flashings, and internal gutters also contributed to weathertightness issues. Seagull nests were often washed into the internal gutter, blocking the outlet and causing flooding up under the roof edge into the Gym.

Addressing these issues required a solution that would allow the Gym to continue functioning without the need for removal and replacement. The ideal choice was the FiberTite lightweight Recover system. This system facilitated the business below to operate seamlessly. The process involved the removal of skylights, overlaying the roof, internal gutters, and parapets with DD400 profile lightweight fillets, a vapor control layer, mechanically fixed lightweight board, and the application of FiberTite membrane.

System Details

Ultratherm Xtreme recover with Fibertite

RL Vapour Control Layer
RL PIR Insulation (40mm)
PIR Fillets
RL Roof Board HDP 
RL Roof Board LW