King Country Indoor Sports

Related Systems: FiberthermX
Location: Te Kuiti, Waikato
Project Date: November 2022
Architect: IKON
Installer: Watertight Construction

In 2015, the Ministry of Education and Te Kuiti High School initiated plans to replace their aging gymnasium, which was over 50 years old. They explored the possibility of creating an indoor sports facility through a collaborative school-community partnership. This approach aimed to maximize benefits for both the school and the community by avoiding redundant investments and efforts. The goal was to provide a sub-regional, two-court indoor facility for the King Country area, ensuring a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

The sports facility boasts a FiberthermX roof featuring a perforated liner deck, eliminating the necessity for a separate acoustic ceiling. This robust perforated LinerDeck not only offers excellent durability against impacts but also excels in controlling reverberation, a crucial aspect for a sizable gymnasium space.

System Details
  • RL Perforated Liner Deck
  • RL Acoustic Infills
  • RL Fibertherm Structural Supports (Pedestals)
  • RL Vapour Control Layer
  • RL Fibertherm System Insulation
  • RL Fibertherm structural rail assembly
  • RL TopDeck T