Long Bay College – Blocks A & C

Related Systems: Recover
Location: North Shore, Auckland
Project Date: 2020

Architect: GHD Woodhead Creative Spaces
Main Contractor: Accent Construction Interiors

Long Bay College, situated in Torbay on Auckland’s North Shore in New Zealand, is a secondary school with a decile 10 rating, catering to students in Years 9 through 13. As part of a remediation effort, RoofLogic Recover with FiberTite membrane was applied over the existing roofing iron.

The installation process for the Recover with FiberTite membrane comprised mechanically attaching the existing roofing iron to structural purlins, installing RL Vapour Barrier over existing roof panels, and inserting high-density polystyrene fillets into the troughs of the existing roof profile. Subsequently, 80mm PIR Board was applied with a tongue-and-groove method to eliminate thermal bridging. RL Roof Board, 10mm thick, was adhered to the existing metal roof based on a project-specific fixing plan provided by Rooflogic’s engineer, encompassing the calculation of design wind loads. The final step involved installing a Fibertite Membrane over the RL Roof Board, fully adhered with thermoplastically welded seams.

System Details
  • HD EPS Flute Fillers to sit within existing roof profile
  • RL Vapour Control Layer
  • RL PIR Board (80mm.)
  • RL Roof Board
  • FiberTite membrane
  • RL Fiberclad Aluminium Flashings and fast-Flow scuppers