Lyttelton Port Workshop – Te Whare Whakatika

Related Systems: FiberthermX
Architect: Kotahi Engineering
Installer: Hawkins Construction
Project Date: August 2023
Location: Lyttelton, Christchurch

The new Lyttelton Port Workshop replaced the previous workshop which was built in the 1970’s. Situated on the left-hand side of the building, there’s a three-story office area equipped with general maintenance and storage facilities. In contrast, the structure on the right soars to full height, measuring over 20 meters in height. The location right at the waterfront on the edge of the harbour complicates matters, as it entails managing the distinctive challenges presented by the marine environment, known for its unique conditions and strong winds.

System Details
  • FiberthermX roof
  • FiberthermX walls