Moorhouse Pak’N’Save

Related Systems: Recover
Architect: Foodstuffs
Project Date: January 2016
Location: Central Christchruch
Project Description

The original insulated panel roof of a large supermarket had multiple ongoing leaks that were impacting the store’s business and creating issues in respect to health and safety. The roof was constructed from metal sandwich panels consisting of two metal skins with a 90mm polystyrene core.  The way in which the panels had been installed and joined, along with the internal gutter design, posed significant weather-tightness issues.

The performance of the roof panels had been further compromised after the Christchurch Earthquake in 2011. As an extremely busy supermarket the ideal scenario presented to RoofLogic by store management was as follows:

  • Provide a roofing solution that would remedy all weather-tightness issues.
  • Provide a long-term solution that will resolve the ongoing roof performance issues permanently.
  • Achieve the first two objectives without losing any trading time or creating any health and safety risks for staff and customers.

A number of re-roofing options were considered by store management and associated property experts before the RoofLogic solution was agreed upon. The RoofLogic solution did not require the removal of any existing roof panels and did not expose the building to the weather.

The RoofLogic solution was as follows:

  • Clean and remediate existing panels and mechanically attach panels to the structural purlins.
  • Install rigid high density polystyrene panels to “in-fill” the profiled metal top skin of the panel.
  • Overlay complete roof with Rooflogic Roof Board (LW).
  • Install Fibertite membrane to complete roof and all associated gutters and parapets.

RoofLogic’s light weight roof board was used for this project because there was a requirement to minimise the overall weight of the Recover solution due to seismic considerations.  The completed overlay system weighed only 3.4kg/m2. 

The result was a Recover solution that exceeded the client’s expectations.  During the installation of the RoofLogic Recover system no trading time was lost and, since completion of the project, the roof has remained completely weather-tight.

Alternative re-roofing solutions would have caused significant disruption to the store and were assessed as being three times the cost of the RoofLogic Recover solution.