Related Systems: Recover
Main Contractor: C3 Construction
Installer: Topline Roofing
Project Date: January 2023
Location: Auckland

MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology) is New Zealand’s largest transport and technology museum and offers a fun and exciting learning experience for all ages.

This project involved re-roofing a building at MOTAT and creating a warm roof in the process. The existing 2010 square meter metal roof had severe leaks. The process included securing the roof to the substrate, adding PIR foam fillers to raise the roof level, installing a vapour control layer, and overlaying it with an 80mm PIR insulation board mechanically fixed to the existing roof.

Topline also incorporated a wire trace before laying down the FiberTite membrane to detect any potential leaks in the future. The membrane is adhered using spray solvent and heat-welded together.

For maintenance purposes, a high-visibility walkway was installed to guide tradesmen over the roof.

Rooflogic System
  • FiberTite Membrane
  • RL PIR Board (80mm)
  • RL VCL
  • RL PIR Fillets
  • Existing Metal Substrate