Onslow College

Related Systems: Recover
Architect: McKenzie & Higham Architecture
Main Contractor: Hawkins
Installer: G&S Roofing
Project Date: November 2023
Location: Wellington

Over a span of two years, Onslow College underwent a transformative process as the RL Ultratherm Xtreme Recover system was applied to numerous classrooms. Opting for the RL Recover system stemmed from its capability to repurpose the existing roofing profile, thereby minimising disruptions within the internal classroom spaces. This approach not only sped up the installation but also played a pivotal role in optimising cost efficiency.

The Ultratherm Xtreme Recover system is able to offer enhanced thermal performance, effectively insulating the classrooms. This results in the creation of a more energy-efficient and comfortable environment, simultaneously addressing and mitigating any potential condensation issues. The upgrade not only aligns with modern sustainability standards but also invigorates the learning spaces.

An inherent advantage of selecting the Ultratherm Xtreme Recover system lies in the 30-year warranty for the roofs. This extended warranty period not only assures long-term peace of mind for all stakeholders but also underscores the unwavering commitment to quality.


PIR Fillets
RL PIR (40 & 80mm)
RL FiberTite Membrane