Weta Studios

Related Systems: Recover
Location: Wellington
Project Date: February 2015
Architect: Bullyment Fortune Architects

The re-roof of the existing Weta Workshop facility presented a range of unique challenges.  The existing long run metal roof had been overlaid with a concrete screed and rubber membrane in 2005.  This somewhat unusual roof build-up was installed to achieve the necessary level of acoustic performance to enable sound sensitive filming and editing to be done within the building.

The roof had two problems that needed to be resolved – firstly, the existing membrane had begun to leak and needed to be replaced and, secondly, the concrete screed had to be removed as it presented an earthquake risk.

System Details

RoofLogic proposed to remove the existing membrane and concrete screed to expose the existing trough section roofing and then install the following build-up:

  • Rigid high fillets installed to trough of existing profile.
  • Installation of RL VCL (LW.)
  • Installation of RL PIR Board (40mm.)
  • Installation of RL Roof Board (HD.)
  • Installation of Fibertite membrane.

The completed RoofLogic Recover system provided the client with a light-weight roof assembly that provided complete security against the elements. 

The use of RL Roof Board (HD) which is a high density acoustic roof board meant that the roof still provided the required level of acoustic performance.

The RL PIR Board meant that the complete roof assembly provided excellent thermal performance (R2.1.)

All without Weta Workshop losing a moments production time.  After all, the show must go on.