Whitirea Library

Related Systems: Recover
Main Contractor: Hawkins
Installer: SWP Commercial
Project Date: February 2023
Location: Porirua

The Whitirea Library’s existing roof, comprised of a torch-on membrane over plywood with minimal insulation, had reached the end of its functional lifespan. Aside from the deteriorating membrane, the library faced issues with leaking skylights and condensation drips. These challenges required a holistic solution that would not only address the existing problems but also future-proof the building. Therefore, the client sought to address both the failing membrane and thermal insulation deficiencies.

The solution involved adding 60mm PIR (R2.6) insulation and FiberTite membrane through an Ultratherm Xtreme Recover system. This upgrade actively addressed weathertightness concerns and elevated thermal efficiency for year-round temperature control.

Now, the library boasts a rejuvenated roof system contributing to energy efficiency, weathertightness, and occupant comfort. RoofLogic’s Ultratherm Xtreme Recover solution not only tackled immediate issues but also positioned the building for sustained long-term performance.