Wyma Solutions

Related Systems: FiberthermX
Architect: Wilson Hill Architects
Installer: Graham Hill Roofing
Project Date: December 2022
Location: Christchurch

Wyma Solutions Ltd undertook the development of a tailor-made 10,000 square metre facility situated on a 2.2-hectare site within the Waterloo Business Park in Islington. This extensive structure comprises a 2,000 square meter office and amenity area designed to accommodate the 120 local Wyma team. Additionally, it encompasses an 8,000 square meter factory and assembly area, complete with multiple overhead gantry cranes and monorails, as well as four specialized blast and painting booths, alongside cutting-edge engineering machinery.

System Details

FiberthermX System over the Warehouse:
RL Liner Deck – standard
RL Fibertherm System Insulation
RL Fibertherm structural rail assembly
RL TopDeck T
RL Twin Skin Skylights

Ultratherm Xtreme over the office space:
RL Base Deck, if required
RL Vapour Control Layer
Insulation Board
Roof board
FiberTite membrane