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Project Description

New passenger terminal with structure comprised of cross laminated timber, the roof panels were fabricated on the ground before being craned in to position with the final stage of weather-proofing completed once triangular roof sections had been locked in to position.  The complexity of the roof geometry presented unique challenges for the membrane installers with multiple junctions and details that needed to be completed with certainty in respect to long term weather-tightness


Most roof areas were installed in conjunction with Rooflogic’s own structural steel base deck along with some more traditional structural plywood substrates. 

Rooflogic’s high performance insulated membrane roof assembly was specified for the project, incorporating:

  • RL Structural Steel Base Deck.

  • RL Vapour Control Layer.

  • RL PIR Board (60mm.)

  • RL Roof Board (HD.)

  • Fibertite KEE Membrane.

system benefits

  • Achieved high levels of thermal performance and management of condensation risk

  • High density RL Roof Board provides compressive strength/trafficability, wind uplift resistance and acoustic performance.

  • Fibertite membrane provides unrivalled performance in terms of seam strength, puncture resistance, chemical resistance and long term durability. 

  • System enables pre-fabrication of complex geometric shapes to assist with construction process.

  • Fibertite membrane has extreme hydrocarbon resistance making it ideal for long term durability in aviation environments.

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