Ultratherm MSR

ultratherm mSR

Suitable applications: Education buildings, high-end insulated metal roofs and buildings with complex geometries.

Insulated metal roof assembly providing thermal, acoustic and structural performance to meet the precise requirements of your project. Install the Ultratherm MSR system over RoofLogic’s engineered structural liner deck or standard plywood and concrete substrates.

Metal Skin

Complex Geometries

Variable Acoustic Performance

Design Flexibility


RoofLogic Ultratherm MSR is a proven commercial roofing solution  that provides the highest levels of thermal and acoustic performance.

RoofLogic offers tailored system designs for each project, carefully selecting components to ensure that the installed system meets the client’s requirements. The performance of the system is thoroughly evaluated, taking into account structural, thermal, and acoustic aspects. In addition, project-specific hygrothermal analysis is conducted to ensure that condensation, as well as the risks associated with mould and corrosion within the roof assembly, are effectively mitigated.

Over the past decade, the Ultratherm MSR system has been widely installed across New Zealand, covering tens of thousands of square meters, with successful results. The feedback from designers and their clients has been unanimous, highlighting that RoofLogic Ultratherm MSR is a robust roof system that delivers exceptional weathertightness and enhances thermal and acoustic performance while effectively mitigating condensation risk.

benefits and advantages
  • Thermal Performance (able to meet all the Climate Zones for H1 as per the NZBC)
  • Management of Condensation Risk
  • Programme
  • Weathertightness
  • Acoustic Performance (Tested)
  • Design Flexibility


Ultratherm MSR with acoustic board