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  • Derbigum Membrane

    Derbigum Membrane

    Derbigum is recognised as the highest quality modified bitumen roofing membrane available.  Over the last 45 years Derbigum membranes have exhibited superior durability across a wide range of extreme climate zones.  The current BBA Appraisal for Derbigum membrane states an expected performance life of at least 40 years – an in industry leading statement of…

  • Fibertite Membrane

    Fibertite Membrane

    Fibertite is recognised as the highest quality single-ply thermoplastic membrane available.  Fibertite provides extreme UV, puncture, chemical and fire resistance.  All seams and details are thermoplastically welded and provide a level of roof top security that no other roofing membrane can match. Fibertite was first introduced in to the roofing market in 1979 and is…

  • RL Top Deck S  (SPANLOK)

    RL Top Deck S  (SPANLOK)

    RL Spanlok is an innovative standing seam roofing profile.  RL Spanlok has a distinct narrow 45mm rib profile that produces striking shadow lines.  Spanlok is available in varying tray widths (standard options 365mm) to allow for flexibility of design.

  • RL True Oak

    RL True Oak

    RL True Oak is deep section corrugate roofing profile.  It is strikingly different to other shallow corrugate profiles available in the New Zealand roofing market.  In comparison to standard corrugate profiles that are available, RL True Oak has a rounder, fuller, deeper and more sharply corrugated aesthetic.  RL True Oak is a return to the…

  • RL Top  Deck C 

    RL Top  Deck C 

    RL Topdeck C is a high performance roofing profile attached to structure by way of concealed clips.  The use of a concealed clip mechanism eliminates exposed fixings and enhances the functionality and aesthetics of the profile.  RL Topdeck C is available in a wide range of material and colour finishes to meet the specific requirements…

  • RL Top Deck T

    RL Top Deck T

    RL Topdeck T is a medium height, long run trapezoidal roofing profile ideally suited to commercial and public buildings.  The profile is highly functional with excellent water carrying capacity, and load resistance.  RL Topdeck T is available in a wide range of material and colour finishes to meet the specific requirements of your project.  RL…

  • RL Acoustic Infill

    RL Acoustic Infill

    RL Acoustic Infill is a 100% polyester acoustic insulation that is used in a range of perforated liner/base deck profiles to provide internal acoustic absorption as part of the complete Rooflogic system assembly.  RL Acoustic Infill is used in a wide range of Rooflogic systems including Rooflogic Ultratherm MSR, Rooflogic Fibertherm MSR and Rooflogic Ultratherm Xtreme.

  • RL Acoustic Board

    RL Acoustic Board

    RL Acoustic Board is a high density acoustic board designed to provide additional mass within Rooflogic Ultratherm MSR and Ultratherm Xtreme roof systems thereby enhancing acoustic performance.  RL Acoustic Board consists of a waterproof high performance fibreglass facer and treated water-resistant gypsum core.

  • RL Roof Board  (LW)

    RL Roof Board  (LW)

    RL Roof Board LW is a light weight roof board designed to enhance the durability of RoofLogic membrane roof systems whilst adding the minimum amount of weight. RL Roof Board LW is manufactured from a high density PIR core contained within a coated glass facer.

  • RL Roof  Board (HD)

    RL Roof  Board (HD)

    RL Roof Board HD is a high performance roof board that is used under Rooflogic roof membranes to enhance the durability of the Rooflogic Ultratherm Xtreme system.  RL Roof Board is commonly installed as a cover board over RL PIR Board to increase system compressive strength. ​

  • RL Fibertherm System Insulation

    RL Fibertherm System Insulation

    RL Fibertherm System insulation is a premium quality glass fibre insulation used in Rooflogic Fibertherm MSR roof systems. RL Fibertherm System insulation is non- combustible, non-hygroscopic, chemical free and manufactured from recycled glass. RL Fibertherm System insulation is appraised by BRANZ to establish that it satisfies all applicable clauses of the New Zealand Building Code

  • RL Stone Wool

    RL Stone Wool

    RL Stone Wool is a high density insulation slab used in Rooflogic Ultratherm MSR (metal skin) and Rooflogic Xtreme (membrane skin) roof assemblies.  RL Stone Wool is a natural product manufactured from volcanic rock and remains dimensionally and thermally stable over time.

  • RL Pir Board

    RL Pir Board

    RL PIR Board is used to provide a continuous layer of thermal insulation within Rooflogic Ultratherm MSR metal skin) and Rooflogic Ultratherm Xtreme (membrane skin) systems.

  • RL Vapour Control Layer

    RL Vapour Control Layer

    RL Vapour Control Layer is a re-enforced aluminium foil vapour control layer with a self-adhesive SBS backing designed to provide verifiable levels of vapour control for a wide range of Rooflogic insulated roof systems.

  • RL Speciality Decks

    RL Speciality Decks

    Rooflogic have a range of specialty decking options available that are designed to meet specific project requirements.  Specialty decking options include:

  • RL Base Deck

    RL Base Deck

    RL Base Deck is most commonly used in our Ultratherm Xtreme systems and provides a structural base for the installation of Rooflogic’s high performance insulated membrane roof systems.

  • RL Liner Deck

    RL Liner Deck

    RL Liner Deck is used in our Ultratherm MSR and Fibertherm MSR Roof Systems.  Standard liner deck in a range of gauge thickness and finish options depending on specific project requirements.