Tag: Roofing Membranes

  • Derbigum Membrane

    Derbigum Membrane

    Derbigum is recognised as the highest quality modified bitumen roofing membrane available.  Over the last 45 years Derbigum membranes have exhibited superior durability across a wide range of extreme climate zones.  The current BBA Appraisal for Derbigum membrane states an expected performance life of at least 40 years – an in industry leading statement of…

  • Fibertite Membrane

    Fibertite Membrane

    Fibertite is recognised as the highest quality single-ply thermoplastic membrane available.  Fibertite provides extreme UV, puncture, chemical and fire resistance.  All seams and details are thermoplastically welded and provide a level of roof top security that no other roofing membrane can match. Fibertite was first introduced in to the roofing market in 1979 and is…