Shirley Boys & Avonside Girls High School

Related Systems: Ultratherm MSR
Location: Christchurch
Project Date: June 2019
Architect: ASC Architects Ltd
Main Contractor: CPB Contractors & Southbase Construction
Installer: Graham Hill Roofing

Two Christchurch secondary schools, Shirley Boys College and Avonside Girls College, collaborated on a combined campus, marking one of the largest new secondary school construction projects in New Zealand. Embracing the Public Private Partnership model, architects and stakeholders lease the asset back to the government for two decades. Meticulous attention was given to every detail, focusing on longevity, maintenance costs, ease of replacement, and post-lease availability for materials.

RoofLogic played a pivotal role with the Ultratherm MSR system, ensuring a high-performance, low-maintenance roof solution. The objective was to provide excellent thermal performance throughout the system’s life, manage condensation risk, and achieve the highest standards of weather-tightness. The project has 17,000m2 of RoofLogic roof systems.

The built-up roof assembly, unlike composite panel systems, adeptly accommodates intricate detailing that would otherwise be challenging. Site delivery included 34-meter-long sheets without the need for sheet laps or roof steps. The RoofLogic system seamlessly accommodated the installation of over 100 skylights across the site, showcasing its versatility.

System Details
  • RL Liner Deck (coloured “Off White.”)
  • RL Vapour Control Layer.
  • RL PIR Board (80mm.)
  • RL Underlay
  • RL TopDeck T.