RoofLogic  Fibertherm MSR

The Rooflogic Fibertherm MSR system is a proven commercial roofing solution that provides a range of important advantages in terms of design, performance and construction.

Unlike other traditional metal roof assemblies the Rooflogic Fibertherm MSR system provides high levels of thermal performance and is designed to mitigate condensation risk.

At the heart of the Fibertherm MSR system is the patented structural rail assembly that is used to separate the outer skin from the internal liner deck. 

The structural rail assembly allows the Fibertherm MSR system to use Elite Glass Wool low density insulation in the most efficient way, eliminating the thermal breaks and cold bridging that is an inherent flaw of traditional roof assemblies.




Thermal Performance

The Fibertherm MSR system provides high levels of verifiable thermal performance by eliminating thermal breaks.

Management of Condensation Risk

Many traditional roof assemblies fail to effectively manage vapour drive resulting in condensation occurring within the layers of the roof assembly (interstitial condensation.)  The Rooflogic Fibertherm MSR system incorporates a complete vapour control layer that effectively separates the internal and external environment.  A properly detailed vapour control layer in conjunction with the required level of thermal performance will mitigate the risk of condensation occurring within the roof assembly.  Even lower levels of vapour drive can cause mould growth and corrosion however the Rooflogic hygrothermal calculations assess and manage these risks as well.


The Fibertherm MSR system allows for early close-in of the structure.  The first process is the installation of the RL Liner Deck which protects the building interior from the weather providing both programme and health and safety benefits particularly when compared to the cumbersome installation of a traditional built-up roof system.


The Fibertherm MSR roof can be installed, flashed and detailed the same as any metal roof and in a manner consistent with the Building Code and NZ Metal Roofing Code of Practice.  Because the top skin is a separable component it can be supplied to site, or site run, in precisely the required length from ridge to gutter.  This is in contrast to composite insulated roof panels  that are limited by length and require sealants and non-standard flashing details to try and achieve weather-tightness.


When the range of benefits are considered – thermal/acoustic performance, condensation management, programme – the Fibertherm system represents exceptional value and is highly competitive among the “warm roof” options available in the commercial roofing sector.


The Fibertherm MSR system uses premium quality steel roofing products that are manufactured and roll-formed in New Zealand and have demonstrated durability over the last 40 years.

Design Flexibility

Range of Top Skin Options 

Whilst our commercial trapezoidal profile, RL Topdeck T, is the most popular profile option, a wide range of profiles are available.  These include concealed clip (RL Topdeck C), sinusoidal (RL True Oak) and standing seam (RL Spanlock.)  Top skin options in terms of base metal and coating can be selected dependent on the exposure zone of the project.

Range of liner deck options  

Our standard RL Liner Deck is 0.55mm gauge plain Zincalume.  If the liner deck is going to be left exposed a wide range of coloured liner deck options can be selected.  If the liner deck is required to provide internal acoustic performance (NRC) then a perforated liner with acoustic baffles inserted in to the profile troughs can be selected.  Where the liner deck sits within a more aggressive internal environment (eg. Swimming pool) then different base metals, such as aluminium, can be selected in conjunction with the correct fastener type.

System Integration

The Fibertherm MSR system can be integrated with other Rooflogic systems.  For example, the Fibertherm MSR roof can be detailed in conjunction with an Ultratherm Xtreme membrane roof or gutter assembly to provide robust detailing and continuity of thermal performance and vapour control.