Suitable applications: Big box retail, warehouses and large area roofs.

Insulated metal roof assembly utilising RL Fibertherm insulation to provide an economical insulated roof solution. The FiberthermX system will ensure thermal, hygrothermal and acoustic performance is provided with a system that is simple and efficient to install providing long-term durability.

Metal Skin

Minimise Rain Noise

Non-combustible System

Post and Rail System

Fast Install


The RoofLogic FiberthermX system is a proven and exceptional commercial roofing solution that offers a multitude of benefits in terms of design, performance, and construction.

Distinguishing itself from traditional metal roof assemblies, the RoofLogic FiberthermX system excels in providing superior thermal performance and effectively mitigating condensation risk.

At the core of the FiberthermX system lies the structural rail assembly, strategically employed to separate the outer skin from the internal liner deck. By incorporating the structural rail assembly, the FiberthermX system optimises the utilisation of low-density Glass Wool insulation, eliminating thermal breaks and cold bridging that are common flaws in conventional roof assemblies.

benefits and advantages

  • Thermal Performance (able to meet all the Climate Zones for H1 as per the NZBC)
  • Management of Condensation Risk
  • Programme
  • Weathertightness
  • Value
  • Acoustic performance (tested)
  • Durability
  • Design Flexibility