Category: Ultratherm Xtreme Recover

  • Distribution Centre

    Distribution Centre

    Within two years of opening, this large Distribution Centre in Christchurch faced weathertightness issues, prompting the application of the RL Recover system. Covering 19.088m² of existing roofing, the system used FiberTite membrane for its exceptional durability. RL Engineers carefully designed the RL Ultratherm Xtreme Recover system to ensure structural stability, providing a comprehensive solution to…

  • Onslow College

    Onslow College

    Over a span of two years, Onslow College underwent a transformative process as the RL Ultratherm Xtreme Recover system was applied to numerous classrooms. Opting for the RL Recover system stemmed from its capability to repurpose the existing roofing profile, thereby minimising disruptions within the internal classroom spaces. This approach not only sped up the…

  • Long Bay College – Blocks A & C

    Long Bay College – Blocks A & C

    Long Bay College, situated in Torbay on Auckland’s North Shore in New Zealand, is a secondary school with a decile 10 rating, catering to students in Years 9 through 13. As part of a remediation effort, RoofLogic Recover with FiberTite membrane was applied over the existing roofing iron. The installation process for the Recover with…

  • Douglas Park School – Admin Block

    Douglas Park School – Admin Block

    Douglas Park School is a primary school in Masterton. The Admin Block had weathertightness issues and needed to be repaired. The re-roofing project featured RoofLogics’ Recover system with FiberTite membrane over two distinct roof types. On one type, Recover Ultratherm Xtreme was applied over the existing profiled metal roof, with Tapered PIR boards to re-pitch…

  • Whitirea Library

    Whitirea Library

    The Whitirea Library’s existing roof, comprised of a torch-on membrane over plywood with minimal insulation, had reached the end of its functional lifespan. Aside from the deteriorating membrane, the library faced issues with leaking skylights and condensation drips. These challenges required a holistic solution that would not only address the existing problems but also future-proof…

  • Weta Digital

    Weta Digital

    Weta Digital chose RoofLogic for a Recover solution during the conversion of a warehouse into a high-tech creative workspace. A large central glazed atrium and mezzanine floor was added to the existing single level warehouse. Due to limited ceiling height, necessary thermal and acoustic enhancements were introduced above purlin height, not within the existing building.…

  • Museum of Transport and Technology

    Museum of Transport and Technology

    MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology) is New Zealand’s largest transport and technology museum and offers a fun and exciting learning experience for all ages. This project involved re-roofing a building at MOTAT and creating a warm roof in the process. The existing 2010 square meter metal roof had severe leaks. The process included securing…

  • City Fitness

    City Fitness

    The warehouse building that accommodates City Fitness in Lower Hutt underwent a recovery process with the installation of an Ultratherm Xtreme FiberTite Recover roof. The City Fitness building in Lower Hutt, Wellington, originally had a DD400 metal roof profile. It was a common practice to install this profile at a roof pitch lower than the…

  • Jessie Street

    Jessie Street

    The RoofLogic’s Ultratherm Xtreme (Recover) system was skilfully installed over the pre-existing metal roofing, encompassing not only the existing trough section roofing but also extending to cover parapets and gutters. This comprehensive application involved outfitting the entire roofing structure with the advanced Ultratherm Xtreme (Recover) system, effectively enhancing the roofing’s performance and durability. System Details

  • Hutt Road

    Hutt Road

    System Details

  • Mayfair House

    Mayfair House

    Mayfair House, is a 15-storey building constructed in 1986, spanning 12,332 square metres. The building has undergone a Base Build Upgrade, refurbishment and modernisation. This involved installing new lift shafts, partial re-cladding, roofing works, seismic works, new entry configurations and extensive consultant and fit out coordination. Mayfair House is leased to the New Zealand Government…

  • Peke Waihanga – Artificial Limb Service

    Peke Waihanga – Artificial Limb Service

    This critical health care facility was experiencing increasing weathertightness issues with their existing trough section metal roof and the existing original membrane gutters. After a number of years “chasing leaks” with ad hoc repairs the decision was made to install a fully engineered RoofLogic overlay system with FiberTite membrane. RoofLogic fully engineered the solution and…

  • Northlands Countdown

    Northlands Countdown

  • Waring Taylor Street

    Waring Taylor Street

    Located on Waring Taylor Street, 30 Waring Taylor Street is an iconic art deco building that has thoughtfully been redeveloped. Inside, the building is a flexible, fully serviced shared workspace designed for modern ways of working. Warren and Mahoney’s focus for the project was to retain and reuse existing building elements, while adding a narrative…

  • Harvey Norman

    Harvey Norman

    Due to deterioration of the existing metal roof to the Harvey Norman retail complex in Taranaki the store was experiencing significant weathertightness issues. Located in a severe coastal environment the metal roofing had deteriorated and Harvey Norman were looking for a roofing solution that would provide a durable long term solution that was appropriate to…

  • Weta Digital

    Weta Digital

    After successfully installing a RoofLogic Recover system on a Weta Studios facility, Weta Digital again turned to RoofLogic for a Recover solution as part of the conversion of an existing warehouse building in to a high-tech creative work space. The existing single level warehouse was to have a mezzanine floor and large central glazed atrium…

  • Moorhouse Pak’N’Save

    Moorhouse Pak’N’Save

    The original insulated panel roof of a large supermarket had multiple ongoing leaks that were impacting the store’s business and creating issues in respect to health and safety. The roof was constructed from metal sandwich panels consisting of two metal skins with a 90mm polystyrene core.  The way in which the panels had been installed…

  • Charles Ferguson

    Charles Ferguson

    Precinct Properties undertook a significant redevelopment of the Bowen Campus which sits adjacent to Parliament Buildings and the Beehive in Central Wellington.  As part of this challenging project the existing 13 level Charles Fergusson Tower was completely re-developed including seismic strengthening, new curtain wall façade and interior fit-out works.  A RoofLogic Recover solution was proposed for…

  • Weta Studios

    Weta Studios

    The re-roof of the existing Weta Workshop facility presented a range of unique challenges.  The existing long run metal roof had been overlaid with a concrete screed and rubber membrane in 2005.  This somewhat unusual roof build-up was installed to achieve the necessary level of acoustic performance to enable sound sensitive filming and editing to…

  • Recover


    A suite of re-roofing solutions that enable existing roof assemblies to be “refreshed.” Recover solutions are designed and engineered to provide long term durability and weathertightness and improved thermal and acoustic performance. By simplifying the re-roofing process with a fully warranted system solution, RL Recover has become our most popular system.